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Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta impresses

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Bad company 2

With Modern Warfare 2 only having just been released you might have thought this would be a bad time to try and showcase your new shooter. But its not and EA knew that when releasing the beta for Bad Company 2 on the PS3.

I got my hands on the beta and have been playing it since release. Modern Warfare 2 has had a look in but Bad Company 2 really has kept me hooked, even though there is only one map available at the moment.

The structure of Bad Company 2 is very much the same and the game mode is similar to the gold rush seen in Bad Company one although this time you have to destroy M-Com stations to push the enemy back.

There is the usual mix if vehicles as well including Tanks and Hummers with the added bonus of quad bikes in this game. There isn’t any air support in the way of choppers yet, but this is the beta and knowing the fine job the Battlefield guys do with these I would expect them in the end product. For those who struggled with flying in the choppers (I know I did) there are UAVs to pilot. These are small helicopters that are easily flown (and shot down) and are used to call in missile strikes.

For a beta the game feels incredibly polished and close to an end product. Hopefully over the coming weeks new maps will be added as will new vehicles but no matter what I will be buying this and enjoying it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be available on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Order the limited edition and you get extra in game guns for both Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943.

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