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E3 2009 – Rumours and News

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With E3, the electronic entertainment expo, now less than a month away it seems fitting that we keep you up to date with the announcements and rumours that are circulating.

Coming out of Sony’s camp comes the rumour of the PSP Go! The PSP Go! is expected to be a complete overhaul of the PSP. Sony are expected drop the UMD drive and add in a Touch Screen and built in flash memory. How games are played is unclear but this could be an opportune time for Sony to move to download only and remove the overhead of creating game discs.

Next off, again from Sony, is the expectation on a motion sensor remote for the PS3, believed to be more accurate than that of the Wii, although is isn’t made clear whether this is the standard Wiimote, or the Wii Motion Plus add on, my expectation is the former. Sony are believed to be using coloured LEDs and a camera which can tell from the position of the LEDs and the angle of the light how the remote is being moved.

Not to be outdone Microsoft are expected to be entering the same Wii challenging arena. Whether at E3 or not, Microsoft are expected to announce their own motion sensing add on for the Xbox 360. How is this different or better? Well its likely there won’t be a remote of any sort. Microsoft are close to acquiring an Israeli company, 3DV Systems, who developed a camera which can detect movement and calculate speed, and direction in 3D, meaning when boxing all you need are the gloves.

Guaranteed to be at E3 are Mass Effect 2 the latest RPG from the EA and BioWare trilogy and Lost Planet 2 from Capcom.

Not much news from the Nintendo camp but expect to see lots about the Wii Motion Plus

I am sure this won’t be everything at E3 so keep you eye on Gamecrawler on June 2 – 4 for the latest news.

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