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E3 2009 – Sony Press Conference

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After a strong showing from Microsoft, and the ensuing Nintendo ‘hey guys, we are gonna make you fit’, All eyes were set on Sony to deliver some wow factor

First up, some great news for people on a budget, the PS2 is still a strategic device for Sony. Sure it’s a generation behind, but if you want games and DVDs in a single box it fits the bill nicely.

Looking sequel-tastic is Uncharted 2, with Uncharted as one of the frontrunners in the PS3 exclusive arsenal, and the follow up set to kick the pulses hard enough for the Wii’s Vital sensor to overload. This is one of the hottest announcements from Sony.

Massive Action Game (MAG) looks like a good shot at mixing up the online multiplayer fps market, pushing the number of players in a game to the giddy heights of 256. The question does however remain, is a great FPS more than just numbers?

If you have a PSP (that black thing gathering dust in the cupboard), yeah do you remember when you bought it, there was gonna be this great game from the PS2, Gran Turismo 4, but portable! Well it’s finally, well still on it’s way…

Speaking of Gran Turismo, GT5, The game which was so huge to build that they released a prologue as a full game is still in progress. Not much news here other than WRC and Nascar have added licences to the bulging car stable for the real driving simulator, oh and hints of damage modelling finally hitting the series. Have to admit if all they’re waiting for is more licenced cars before releasing the game i’d rather see it out now and download the new cars when they come!


The Metal Gear franchise holds a special part in many peoples hearts, so at E3 the announcement of a new MGS game is cause for celebration. Can’t wait to hide in a cardboard box on your PSP, look out early 2010!

Do you ever find yourself sat on the bus, and you suddenly get gripped with the urge to shoot some zombies? No? Well if you did you’d be exstatic to hear that the grand master zombie shooter, Resident Evil, is making its way to the little Sony device.

How many times does a device go through a remodelling before you call it a new system? The PSP Go, choosing a nice wadge of flash memory over those pesky UMDs with quaint moving parts, looks to be a handsome device with slide out controls to help the device fit in more pockets. It’s a brave device to release, as it looks like a deft move towards Iphone styling, and the expectations from those devices is insatiable!

It’s always a good move to have a crossover between games, from role playing games which allow you to fully import your characters from an earlier game, to car setups and pokemons. Assassins Creed 2 isn’t quite following this precedent, it seems to be a “buy a psp if you want all the weapons in this game”… Will be interesting to see if they tie anything in with the first game at all.

Given the huge success of LittleBigPlanet, you can see how Modnation Racers, with it’s similar approach to gaming, can be seen and a definate ray of light in a mostly grey keynote. Kart racing is a gaming staple with Mario Kart leading the way, custom tracks and characters should challenge Mario for the racing throne.

Awesome looking graphics, a freakish monster, bad dude in armor and a mostly ruined city, spells out fun for certain. Last Guardian looks like it might be a serious game for Sony, and a nice mix from the rehash projects which seems to fill our up and coming lists.

Up for some Centaur gutting, snake slicing, harpy stabbing fun? God of War III looks to provide a bucketload of gore and mayhem.

Agent, agent who? A hitman spin off? No idea, but it looks like Sony have had enough of Microsoft getting all the exclusives from Rockstar (See Lost and the Damned for GTA IV) and have somehow got themselves a full exclusive game. No footage of the game makes it a bit hard to get much from what they announced… It could be, well anything!

When the 3 platforms booked their flights, called the babysitter and packed their travelbags, they all knew they had to bring some new kind of control. What with the epic fad the Wii kicked off, pressure was on everyone to take it to the next level. Microsoft went first and delivered many gamers wet dream interface, talking and gesturing, the only thing that could beat that is a Matrix style spinal plug, Nintendo showed willing to go in that direction with their vitality sensor, and then Sony…showed us a stick with a pink ball on the end…

It is obvious that Sony still feel the need for a controller, a thing which we use to interact with our games, rather than skipping that step. The demo looked like a strange webcam session which might be a laugh, but nothing to threaten Natal!

Finally, and now under some doubt, even from the developers, the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV would we a PS3 MMO exclusive may have shocked and stunned the audience, one of the most popular gaming franchises seems to be lining up games at a breakneck pace!


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