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E3 2010 – Nintendo Press Conference

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Nintendo Press Conference E3 2010

We were delighted to receive an invite to this years Nintendo Press conference, this morning the Nokia Theatre here in LA was alive with anticipation.

So was it worth it?

Definitely, there are few things which compare to the E3 phenomenon, the excitement is everywhere, we all want to know what’s next.

The line up from Nintendo was impressive, without further ado, the games!

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
If you felt that Twilight Princess didn’t quite measure up to the normal Zelda brilliance, you should be impressed with the innovations brought with Skyward Sword, a new approach with Wii Motion plus means that this game can accurately determine how you swing your sword, or hide behind your shield.

Featuring some amazing scenarios where you fly a beetle to access hard to reach areas, throwing or bowling bombs into groups of monsters, and even cutting the grass with a whip… Only shame is it’s not coming out this year!

Mario Sports Mix
Appealing to those who find NBA, NHL and Fifa a little too realistic, Mario Sports Mix brings all these and more into the limelight for some Arcade fun.

Watching Mario dunk over Bowser is something special! Also the twists they can add like Dodgeball with explosives, Volleyball with power moves, and more makes this a title to watch!

Wii Party
Empasising Nintendo’s commitment to push the Wii with pure innovation, they have homed in on more traditional party gaming and brought it forward into 2010. Using the Wii to enrich a night in with friends has always had it’s place, Wii Party looks to let you back on the sofa as the games are designed to be more about fun instead of a power workout.

Just Dance 2
Following up on the success of Just Dance, the sequel looks to add more features such as Dancing duets, Sweat mode for working out, and Dance off competitive online play. All of which sounds like a formula for success.

Screenshot Goldeneye WiiGoldeneye
I might have fallen into the hype trap on this one, if you show me 4 player split screen co-op gaming, 8 classic bond characters, 16 special modes of gameplay, well I think back to happy times with that classic N64. Need to be wary though as the Wii has yet to prove itself in the FPS arena!

Epic Mickey
Showing just how Disney have embraced videogames as the new media. The announcement of Epic Mickey, the king of Disney, is fantastic news. The game looks excellent too, with some good variety in gameplay, moving between 3d exploration and 2d platforming sections themed on Disney history. This looks to have all the elements you would want from an outstanding game, with the licence of an entertainment legend.

Kirby Epic yarn
Another look back at a very successful character, even a FPS/wargamer like myself recognises this cutesy guy. In Epic Yarn, he seems to be on a platform adventure above all others, my notes read like I’ve been on something stronger than Caffeine…

Definitely looks like one to get for the “kids” or “missus” when you’re really going to play it yourself.

Dragon Quest IX
Using the DS to encourage Wifi co-op adventuring is another sign of how Nintendo gaming really is a social thing. 120 quests with more if you band together, 300 monsters to slay and 900 items to outfit your character just make this Japanese hit look set for similar success worldwide.

Metroid Other M
We had this as a note from last year as one to look at, from the footage shown today, still a strong contender for the announcement of the day. Brilliant mix of exploration, analysis, and extreme combat make it one we want to get our hands on.

Donkey Kong Country Returns
You should have heard the theatre explode when the monkey noises started, the pessimistic among us were a little more held back, as the video shown, while impressive graphically there was a distinct lack of obvious innovations which perhaps we expect from Nintendo.

screenshot-nintendo-3ds-press-conferenceNintendo 3DS confirmed
This won, hands down, the confirmation of the Nintendo 3DS was by far the best news of the day, with the hints of what could be coming down the line from the various studios.

Metal Gear Solid 3D
Batman 3D
Kid Icarus Uprising
Nintendogs 3D
Super Street Fighter 3D
Resident Evil 3D

and so much more!

What was great was how the theatre was then filled with demonstration units attached to some very helpful ladies!

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