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E3 2010 – Sony Press Conference

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Sony Screens E3 2010

Unfortunately Gamecrawler did not attend the Sony press conference this year, still no harm in doing a quick recap.

So what did we miss?

Not much it seems!

Announced last year, and I was as negative then as I am now, it looks better than the standard Wii controller but it still lacks any feedback. It will take some serious work from developers to find a good use for this device.

I don’t think you need a press conference to tell everyone what they already know… Yes Sony are doing 3D gaming, was it too obvious? I might be a little harsh as I’m not overly excited about 3D films normally, I found the 3DS was impressive because it didn’t use any glasses.

Killzone 3
It’s sometimes hard for pre-alpha code footage to really impress, however Killzone 3 looks to have found a way to hide the rough edges, long enough for a trailer at least. The 3D may not work for some, but some cool new weapons and a Jetpack should more than make up for this!

Gran Turismo 5
If you wanted a next gen racing game and haven’t given up, bought an Xbox with Forza, then you may be the next Gandhi.

This game cannot live up to the expectation, it’s a lost cause, even though they are talking about 3D in the game, even if they address the real concerns about no damage modelling, they could spend years crafting the models to be exact replicas of the cars, but it would all be too late because the game was supposed to be a LAUNCH title…

Portal 2
Finally something good to report, PS3 owners will be able to get the upcoming Portal 2, it’s not going to be a Microsoft only affair and it does sound like Sony have secured some exclusive content!

Twisted Metal
The road warrior game goes airborne? motorcycles too? interesting changes which we will see if it adds a fresh angle and establish this series on the PS3.

Playstation Plus

Perhaps I just don’t understand the complexity behind it, but when they say “pay $50 per year for early release demos” that sounds to me like “we’re going to delay demo’s from you guys unless you cough up”, demo’s are not negotiable, for gamers to decide whether they like a game they have to have the chance to try it out. Delaying or withholding these is a weak move to turn back what PS3 enthusiasts rate so highly about the console, the subscription free online gaming.

The less said about the automatic downloads the better, given half the country is going to be getting letters from ISPs saying they’re using too much data, having the PS3 sit there all day going off downloading trailers and content is just going to speed up the problem.

Finally discounts on PSN titles is only going to make sense for those dedicated and optimistic enough to believe there is going to be a good supply of interesting content on the Playstation store.

Exclusive content
Sony are keen to set the difference between the consoles, and it seems their choice is rather than pushing for more exclusive titles, just secure exclusive extras on cross platform games. They did it with Batman: Arkham Asylum, and it looks like it’s on for this year with titles like Dead Space 2, Assassins Creed and Medal of Honor.

PSP releases
Out of so many planned releases, perhaps the biggest emphasis is on God of War: Ghosts of Sparta, filling in some details about Kratos’s past before godhood. For a system struggling like the PSP is, this title could be the only thing stopping it falling into the underworld.

Little Big Planet 2
Perhaps one of the game changers, Little Big Planet should maybe not be classed as a game, but more a development studio, drawing on the creativity of the Playstation community, LBP 2 is certain to give hours of fun and remind people why everything is worth a try.

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