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E3 – Microsoft Press Conference

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E3, Xbox 360


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A quick run down of the Microsoft Xbox 360 announcements.

Microsoft were first to the E3 stage and boy did they open the show!

Demo of Beatles Rock band

So live on stage was a demo of Beatles Rock Band. Not much really to say around this other than the track listing below. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were there together with Yoko Ono.

Track Listing:

When I saw her standing there
I Want to Hold Your Hand
I Feel Fine
I Am The Walrus
Ban In The U.S.S.R.
Octopus’s Garden
Here Comes The Sun
Get Back

Exclusive to Xbox Live is All You Need Is Love

Tony Hawk talks Ride

It was no secret that Tony Hawk was going to be on stage after he put it on twitter. He was there to show off the his new game Tony Hawk Ride. This game is played using a peripheral that is shaped like a skateboard deck on which you perform the tricks.

Not a bad idea but how long till someone gets carried away and there is a skateboard shaped hole in your LCD?

The in game footage looks like any other Tony Hawk game.

NEW Modern Warfare 2 trailer with 2 exclusive maps to xbox 360

Ok so in addition to a new trailer it was also announced that there will be two exclusive maps on xbox 360 for Modern Warfare 2. It was not said whether these will be new maps or the promised favorite maps from COD4. Only time will tell.

The only footage of the new trailer I can find is not very good and shot off someones TV. If you know where I can source a good one let me know.

Demo of Final Fantasy XIII with Spring 2010 release targeted

Spring 2010 is certainly going to be draining the piggy banks. Final Fantasy XIII is eagerly anticipated by many and a Spring 2010 release seems a long way off but hopefully there will be a beta release and demo to help you through to the full release date.

Crackdown 2 annouced together with left 4 dead 2.

As many had hoped Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 were both announced.

Crackdown 2 came with a trailer.

As did Left 4 Dead 2

Baggsy the frying pan 🙂

Sam Fisher will be returning to xbox in Splinter Cell Conviction, coming autumn 2009.

He’s back, need I say more?

Is that an Audi R8 on stage, oh yes, Forza 3 fully confirmed and shown in all is glory.

Finally they have admitted that Forza 3 will be coming soon.

Still no hard facts and no denial on the rumour that it will be spread over 2 disks.

If you want to get some practice in before this check out Forza 2 and the DLC available.

Halo news Halo ODST out 22 September 2009

Buying this game will get you access to the Halo:Reach multiplayer. Yes Halo:Reach. Go back to the start of the wars where Master Cheif was not the only Spartan.

More information in the video.

New trailer for Alan Wake, and a release date of spring 2010

With much improved visuals and a change of genre (its certainly a horrow now). The game is also narrated by Alan, so is his book coming alive or is he acting it out?

Updates to the NXE

Last FM will be coming to Xbox, for American users Netflix functionality will be expanded and Facebook and Twitter also available. Don’t forget Sky for the UK users.

Metal Gear Solid coming to Xbox with an exclusive game.

No solid snake, a new metal gear solid for a new platform.

Xbox motion sensor but so much more

Saving the best for last this really is where microsoft pulled no punches.

So much information and demo was given its best just to watch.

Part 1

Part 2

With the display today from Microsoft they have shown they are serious about the games market and expanding that market to include all types of entertainment. The 360 when release was not more than a games console with a media center. Since NXE they are moving towards the one box that sits under your telly and controls everything.

The competition has a lot to live up to.

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2 Responses to "E3 – Microsoft Press Conference"

  1. james says:

    dear idiots you are stupid picking the xbox over the ps3 your a waste of space ive played on a xbox its way crapper email back with commens of the ps3 being better than the xbox 360

  2. Ed says:

    Hey there James and thanks for your comment.

    We haven’t chosen to cover Xbox over PS3. We are providing coverage and our thoughts on E3.

    The schedule for E3 was for Xbox to announce first, then Nintendo then Sony. This is the order we are presenting them in.

    I have already covered Xbox and Nintendo. Niall will be publishing the Sony one soon.

    Hopefully you will see that we are not console specific and we do try to give each console equal coverage.

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