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Left 4 Dead Survival DLC

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left-4-deadGood news for those of you who enjoyed the zombified, team-flavoured goodness of Left4Dead – fresh DLC has just been released for the frantic online hit of 2008, and best of all, it’s free!

The Survival Pack introduces a brand new game mode – Survival – in which you and your merry band of survivors resist the Infected horde until you are overwhelmed. Ever wondered what happens when, after you’ve called for evacuation, you dig yourselves for the final assault, but help never comes? This mode is the answer. How long would you last in the face of the unrelenting waves of slavering undead? The DLC also adds new locations – so those of you who’d head to the coast and hole up in a lighthouse to weather a massive zombie outbreak can see how you’d fare.

If you missed the original the first time round, L4D is a frantic FPS from the guys who bought you Half Life – picture a stripped down, speedier, smoother version of the Orange Box’s gunplay, online co-op capability, and 28 Days Later style Infected rushing at you from all sides, and you have the game – and it is terrifying.

If you aren’t faint hearted and know some like-minded individuals (or, if you’d prefer, you’d happily join the undead and hunt your now ex-friends down for dinner), Left4Dead can offer some intense action and thrills, and an equal amount of hilarious comedy moments you just couldn’t script – and as a 2008 release, it can be found at an absolute steal on both PC and XBox 360.

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