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Modern Warfare 2 lays down the gauntlet

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Just as we thought we had Modern Warfare 2 worked out they hold a big press conference and give us even more to salivate over.

We GC guys have picked over the details that came out of this and each chosen our favourite bits, here’s what we chose:

As mainly team game players at gamecrawler it’s great to see team play being rewarded. How often have you been frustrated trying to take down a chopper with your pistol as you have already unloaded all the ammo for your main weapon only to see team mate go for individual glory. Hopefully this will make the team based games slot more enjoyable – Ed

I love the Halo inspired sticky plasma grenade…..revenge is sweet – Paul

Shooting down the UAV is brilliant, another awesome part of Battlefield 2 leaking into the mainstream. Care packages sound like supply crates from Worms Armageddon (and prior games) and as hoped the predators can be flown in. None of this is bad in my opinion! – Niall

It’s plain to see that Infinity Ward have listened (read) the forums and seen what it is that currently bugs gamers about the current Modern Warfare game and rather than reinvent the wheel they have fine tuned the awesome experience the first game was.

Modern Warfare 2 has seemingly picked up the gauntlet for game of the year thrown down by Arkham Asylum, used it to sharpen it’s throwing knives and tossed it back waiting to see if another challenger can step up. This is all based on the beta multiplayer and obviously the end product may stink but from what we have seen so far in the trailers and reports. It’s hard to believe this could be a let down like Call of Duty 5.

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