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Modern Warfare 2: Now Capture the Flag!

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If you are reading this, you know how much we are looking forward to Modern warfare 2. The latest video from Infinity Ward is giving us even more reason to sit up and beg!

Okay, stop me if this gets too awesome…

First off, this is Capture the Flag mode, woefully missing from our beloved Call of Duty 4 (World at War had it but never mind). This is a true stalwart of online FPS gaming, looks like the type where you have to control both flags for the capture so you have to divide defence and offence tactically. Nice.

Shields, I remember when these were first crammed into Counterstrike and the resulting cries that they were far too powerful. These days it’s not as controversial but a nice addition especially for this game mode giving some solid defence classes.

Predator missile, sounds devastating, but not used in this video which could mean you get to guide the Predator in!? Possibly both recon and fireworks!

The quick glimpse of an airdrop bonus has us wondering, is this simply more loud explosions, or something more tactical like the crates from Battlefield 2, healing and resupplying? It does show a slight drawback in the custom killstreak system as he totally missed his chance to use it, whatever it does!

Huge splash damage from an RPG, bringing the fear that the current rocket men will be even more deadly, especially to team-mates!! Speaking of splash, the blood spread liberally across the screen when you get hurt feels almost too realistic.

Throwing knives, good for hilarious kills, question, do you lose your knife once you’ve thrown it?

Host migration, IW’s way of fixing the lack of dedicated servers, might be what we all want but has the potential to irritate us just as much if it swaps endlessly between two unstable connections!

Roll on November for some Modern Warfare 2 goodness!

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