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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon rising new video

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This Christmas looks like it’s going to have a strong warfare theme as Call of Duty faces some competition from a Rising Dragon!

Destructible terrain is often thrown about in marketing circles but never seems to actually work in a game. Battlefield: Bad Company came along with the promise of “okay guys, have a blast” and all was well, in the single player version of this game I pretty much levelled a country. Once multiplayer loaded however, there was a tear in my eye as the C4 I attached to the key stairwell failed to reduce it to splinters!

The other side could have easily blown up the floor under the gold crate or parachuted onto it. But no, the developers made the bloody stairs invincible; you couldn’t even get a tank through those IKEA specials.

Operation flashpoint 2: Dragon rising is attempting to tame this beast along with a laundry list of awesome features, 4 player co-op, an array of tanks and helicopters, sneaky infiltration missions and commanders directing the action to name a few.

The Dragon is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on the 9th October for us, and it looks like it could easily blow away our free time!

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One Response to "Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon rising new video"

  1. lan games says:

    OF 2 looks so nice, but ARMA2 too. Hm hard decision…

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