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Pre Order Halo Reach

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It seems these days if you’re not a battling Russians in Modern Warfare, then you’re cutting down aliens in Halo with plasma grenades and rocket launchers!

Will this prequel deliver the ultimate backdrop for chaos?

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If you’re bored of Halo, tough, there is more coming and we are going to love it. Some may have been put off by ODST with it’s short campaign and questionable link to the story. But most of us will still be drawn to the series like mice to cheese.

Reach is taking a darker view of the Halo universe, following Noble Team through the fall of the Spartans, which could make for a highly dramatic and dirty single player campaign. The problem of course being with the story already written, it’s hard to go back and add anything new (see Star Wars).

The focus will be on multiplayer however, and given the popularity of the beta this is bound to impress. We like the way credits earned through completing challenges mean we will be able to customise our upgrade path and play our chosen roles more like Bad Company than Modern Warfare.

If you have an Xbox 360, this is probably one of the strongest exclusives, so it seems a waste not to give it a go!

Halo Reach has a release date of 14th September 2010.
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