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Pre-Order: Shift 2 – Unleashed

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It’s Need For Speed… again. EA think you only need one brand to make a racing game but are they right?

I’m not so sure as there are a lot of different drivers out there, Shift 2 – Unleashed might appeal to any of us!

Cheapest Places to Buy below

We have Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 3 for the kind of racer who wants to be as close to the action as possible, spending hours fiddling with camber settings and tyre pressures to get those few hundredths of a second out of your car around a course.

You can be more of an arcade racer with titles like Juiced 2 or Burnout for more simple action, over the top acceleration and custom rims for your ride. Even then you might prefer Motorstorm or Dirt 2 where there isn’t even a track to begin with!

There are F1 games for the fans and Mario Kart or Blur for the social gamers, the variety is so huge there are even games like Split/Second where you can blow up parts of the track…

So what’s my problem? Well Need for Speed Shift was cool, I liked Hot Pursuit, and some of the more street racer style games but I have no idea what to expect from Shift 2 – Unleashed, what kind of game is it going to be? Imagine how lost you would be if you went out and bought the latest version of Mario Kart and found yourself 3 hours later trying to work out what air filter works best with Yoshi?!

I’m going to assume it’s more like Shift, with more of the unique “view from the drivers eyes” which will again bring exciting and exhilarating races at full throttle, more cars, tracks and the usual will be fine with us!

Shift 2 – Unleashed has a release date of 1st April 2011 why not compare prices on Shift 2 – Unleashed with

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