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PS3 Slim: Announcement likely

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Rumours are rife that the much talked about Playstation 3 Slim will be announced August 18th at Gamescom.

Interest is growing with reports Amazon Germany had a listing for the yet to be announced console and further news that component manufacturers in the far east have ramped up production of core PS3 components.

Add to that, recent news that the Playstation 3 has reduced its manufacturing costs by 70%. A massive hint to the development of the PS3 Slim, which mirrors the launch of the PS2 Slim.

In all honesty, Sony can’t afford another Christmas to go by without reaping the reward of massive potential sales. It’s then likely that the PS3 Slim WILL be available for Christmas AND you would assume at a reduced price to the the current Playstation 3 80GB Model.

Back in May we reported sightings of the PS3 Slim. It’s expected that the PS3 Slim will be rushed out to take advantage of the extremely busy Christmas sales period.

As the PS3 Slim becomes available, we will offer the latest price comparison on the best pre order prices for the PS3 Slim.

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2 Responses to "PS3 Slim: Announcement likely"

  1. Barry Bloye says:

    What I’d really like is if they bring back PS2 support for the Slim. I have a stack of games that I’m not ready to banish to the loft!

  2. CODFAN says:

    I’d love that too.. be a bit more accessible than dragging my PS2 out of the cupboard. I get the feeling to produce the PS3/PS3Slim as cheap as possible it won’t be an option 🙁

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