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Review: 2010 Fifa World Cup

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If you haven’t yet bought the 2010 Fifa World Cup game, we grabbed a copy to give you our impression of this regular fixture and if it’s worth the premiership prices.

Has this latest effort hit the crossbar?

Now I’m not known for doing all out reviews, more puns and hype, so I might be due a penalty for this… I’ve attempted to put a value to each part of the game, from the Gameplay to the Graphics so when you pricewatch with Gamecrawler you can be sure you’re getting a bargain.

So EA have been doing world cup editions of their Fifa games since ’98, they are almost as much a part of the world cup as Coke bottles with football decals, silly Pringles adverts and Pizza Hut’s football shaped boxes. Beforehand this game can set predictions, afterwards, a way to relive the classic moments (possibly fix some bad calls). It’s easy to see why these games have been so popular with the football fans in our team!

2010 Fifa World Cup – South Africa is built on the outstanding Fifa 10 engine which we highly rate, with all the graphical goodness and 360 degree dribbling you could ask for with some welcome tweaks.


Fifa World Cup 2010Quick match = £1
Fairly basic mode, would be surprised if you would buy this game for a quick international versus match.
World Cup Tournament = £1
Has to be the core of the game, take your country through the tournament to the finals and lift that magnificent cup!
Captain your Country = £1
Great chance to put your Virtual Pro from Fifa 10 to the test, import him in and show everyone that you’re the best.
Practise mode = £1
A nice feature to have in any game, the arena to work on those skills required to master the game.
Online = £1
Both PSN and XBox live will allow you to go head to head with people across the globe, and all the scores add to a national score for your chosen side.


2000 Player models @ 1p each = £20
Sure the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo are beautifully cast, but lesser known players leave a lot to be desired.
10 stadiums @ 20p each = £2
This has to be some of the best modelling i’ve seen, the environment for the stadiums are truly breathtaking.


28 Music tracks 20p each = £5.6
Brilliant mix of music which captures the spirit and passion of the game and the venue!
Commentary track = £1
Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend provide some great highlights on the game, really bringing it to life with their reactions.


199 Teams @ 20p each = £39.8
Looked accurate as heck to me, giving the opportunity to go through the qualifications for any of the teams.
Alternative 2 Button control system = £1
Brilliant choice for those of us who hark back to better times, where videogames had less buttons and more skill…

Special features

Fifa World Cup 2010360 degree dribbling = £1
We will keep highlighting how much of an essential element this is until every rival has it in their game!
Video tutorials = £1
Leave the screen too long, and you are gifted with video telling you how to do tricks and make use of special features, it was brilliant in Fifa 10 and a prompt for all games to follow.
Story of the Finals = £1
Fantastic idea for this game, which is let’s be fair, all about recreating epic matches, so including some famous scenarios to work through is just an awesome addition.

Predicted lifespan: 2-3 months (x0.3)
This is key for a valueview, this multiplier, based on how long we think this game will be on your ‘lets play shelf’, can reduce all the value to zero as features in a game mean nothing if you’re not playing!

With Fifa World Cup 2010, it’s best feature is it’s own worst enemy. The pedestrian Fifa 10 is relevant for a whole year of football, with character progression and fantasy teams to extend it beyond that. The tie in with the World Cup, means that after you’ve invested, you’ve got a short time to get the most out of it!

2010 Fifa World Cup - South Africa
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii & PSP
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “Great game… while you’re playing it”

Pricewatch suggestion: £23

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