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Review: Batman Arkham Asylum

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The Dark Knight finally glides onto our console screens. Is Batman fighting fit or does he have a screw loose? Prepare to enter the Asylum…

We’ve been hyping this game for a while here at so hopes were as high as the top of Gotham cathedral that this would be one the 2009’s flagship games across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Well, let’s just say you’d be batty to miss it….

By know you probably know the score: The Joker (voiced brilliantly as ever by Mark Hamill) lets all of Batman’s arch-enemies, from Bane to Poison Ivy to Killer Croc, out of their padded cells for a crazy night of carnage at Arkham Asylum. Batman has to try and save the day in a dark, deranged and really quite brilliant game by Rocksteady. Eidos think this series could be bigger than Tomb Raider going forward and on this evidence, you can’t argue with the logic.

Everything you’d expect from a decent game, let alone a decent super-hero game, is delivered in spades here: excellent graphics & moody lighting, strong & engaging storyline, great character voices, film-inspired music, variety of gameplay (action, stealth, puzzles), cool gadgets & powerups, shocks & surprises and – lets be honest – the coolest main character of them all, ol’ Bats himself.

As well as the excellent main story, there are unlockable challenges which test your skills as the caped crusader to the max – whether its in combat or invisible predator ‘stealth’ missions. Although notably lacking much in the way of online play (shame: co-op Batman & Commissioner Gordon versus waves of Joker goons would have been fun) this still offers loads of replay value – not least the 200-plus Riddler trophies hidden around Arkham Island.

It’s the little things in this game that make you go ‘wow’, though: going into a cool ‘detective’ mode to track Harley Quinn, spookily trippy battles with Scarecrow, fun achievements & collectibles to strive for – plus how Batman’s costume gets damaged and remains that way throughout the game. Also, I loved how you go into first-person mode when you enter the Asylum ‘visitors’ centre, implying that Batman is now very much part of the nut-house. This game was made by Bat-fans, and it shows.

This game must go on your shopping list. I suspect you’ll still be playing it as we approach Christmas release season with the likes of Modern Warfare 2 still to come – especially with the promise of new DLC.

Batman certainly throws down his gauntlet for ‘game of the year’. If you miss this modern classic, then the joke’s on you…

Batman: Arkham Asylum is out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: 28/08/2009

Review Overview: “A Gothic masterpiece – the game all Batman fans have been waiting for – and more”

Overall Score: 9/10

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