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Review: Battlefield 1943

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Coral Sea has finally been unlocked on Xbox 360 and now we deliver our full review of Battlefield 1943.

The first thing that hits you when you get in to the game is how graphically rich the game is. For download only you would have forgiven them for reigning it in a bit but the visuals are truly stunning. Whether you are in a landing craft, swimming in the sea, or zipping about in a Zero or Mustang everything around is detailed beautifully. In addition this is built on the Battlefield: Bad Company Frostbite engine meaning fully destructible environments.

On the game play front you have two modes, conquest and Air Superiority, the latter unlocked when the community reaches 43million kills.

Conquest sees the USMC vs the IJN in a battle for flags and kills. Each of the 3 islands available have 5 flags and each team has a set number of re-spawns, the amount left is indicated by a solid bar at the top of the screen. The idea is to kill the enemy more times than they kill you to get their bar to drop to zero, in addition you can capture the majority of flags and the bar will fall faster.

3 set ups are available to the player, Rifleman, Infantryman or Scout (sniper), each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The play is squad based with 3 squads of 4 (a hint at the ideal number of flags to capture and defend). Those seasoned on 1942 or playing with those that were will know that this can be used to great effect with one sat in hiding near the flag so the others can spawn of them, allowing for an effective defense.

Vehicles are also available for attacking and defending with tanks and jeeps land based and Airplanes available for sky born attacks. Flying the plane can be tricky to start but you quickly get the hang of it, however dog fighting is a true skill and hats off to those that have mastered it. Also available for use is an air raid. These are only available from one point on each map and if used correctly with a co-ordinated attack can lead to a swift capture of a flag.

Conquest however, isn’t without fault, squad invites can only hold a maximum of 4 and you can only take one squad in to a game meaning if more than 4 friends want to play together some creative ‘Join Session in Progress’ has be used. Also once in as a squad there is little guarantee you will be on the same side, many times we have found one rogue player on the opposite team as they had the space. Also don’t think a private match will get round this as you need a minimum/maximum of 16 players making for frantic game invites to everyone and their friends.

Air Superiority again sees the USMC vs the IJN but this time there is only one flag to be captured. This is done by having a superior number of planes in the capture area than the other side. Much dogfighting ensues and again you are trying to whittle down the number of re-spawns the enemy has. When playing this game mode a couple of issues presented themselves to me:

1) I can’t dogfight for toffee and so after 5 minutes got bored of always being shot down

2) I always found myself re-spawning on the same carrier (there¬† are two available for each team, each holding two planes, which continuously re-spawn) along with the rest of my team whilst the other carrier was empty. This meant that unless you were next to the plane when it spawned you didn’t get a flight. This just meant people standing around not really doing much, or trying to shoot each other (I assume this is why team killing was turned off).

Air Superiority is a fun game and I am sure will be loved by many who can dog fight. However there is no squad mode for this and no private game mode so don’t expect to play easily with your friends.

All round battlefield is a great game and certainly fills the space between big xmas releases well. This game could go on to challenge the christmas releases of Modern Warfare 2 and others with some well timed DLC.

Battlefield 1943 is out now on Xbox 360 for 1200 MSP and on PSN for £10

Battlefield 1943
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: 08/07/2009

Review Overview: “Superb game and unbelievable that its an arcade one, more of this could break the Call of Duty stranglehold”

Overall Score: 8/10

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