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Review: Breach

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Breaking into the spotlight with precision timing, Breach is a new choice if you are looking for a modern combat simulator.

Our question was, does an Xbox live arcade title pose a threat to the top rank retail games and their DLC?

Breach is a multiplayer only military simulator on Xbox Live and Steam. Atomic Games have worked hard to bring more realism to the first person shooter genre. Destructive scenery and “active cover” distinguish this from the hearty supply of Call of Duty contenders.

There are 5 classes, Sniper, Recon, Support, Assault and Gunner. There seems to be little defining the classes apart from the guns, the Assault class with an assault rifle, the Sniper with a scope, the Gunner with a light machinegun and the Support class runs round like a shotgun wielding madman!

You have the usual game modes, Team Deathmatch being a predictable standard mode with few tactics beyond sticking together. There is also a ground control game where you secure and defend capture points. This lets you make tactical choices, picking where and when to attack or defend, sometimes changing the environment to make a stand.

This game has its flaws, one of it’s biggest flaws is the quality of it’s competitors, Breach goes head to head with Medal of Honor, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Battlefield Bad Company 2. These are not bad games even on their worst lag filled days, and as such the majority of people playing this type of game will try one of the above before trying out Breach. The effect? Stupidly long waits to join quick matches, poor gamesmanship, and many games with uneven teams.

The unlocks in the game are cool, a good selection of weapons and gadgets. However this is where the simulation purists looked away as there are some fantasy gadgets and perks available (such as ESP and sonic imaging!).

They have included some skin choices for your classes, however nothing near the sheer customisation of playercards or emblems, you get to select between a handful of different models depending on which side you fight for.

Is this a good game? yes, Breach is a nice take on FPS, with some good tactical focussed gameplay.

Is it worth 1200 points? I’m not sure, as if you say “well it sounds cheap” bear in mind there is no singleplayer, if you can’t find a multiplayer game, you can’t play. Also those 1200 points could be the new Black Ops map pack, or Battlefield Bad Company: Vietnam.

If you want an outstanding shooter on a budget, Call of Duty 4 is around £15 these days and has one of the best singleplayer campaigns and multiplayer experiences out there.

Breach is available on Xbox Live for 1200 MS points, or £9.99 on Steam(at time of writing).

Platforms: Xbox 360 & PC
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “If the genre had less AAA contenders, Breach would have a good shot, if you can convince some friends to get it too you can have a blast!”

Overall Score: 7/10

Best Prices for 1200 MS points (Xbox)

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