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Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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A game tipped to make £500,000,000 on release, 2 million copies to be sold in the UK in the first week, the most anticipated first person shooter and the follow up to 2007’s game of the year, but is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 any good.

In a nutshell yes, the game as a whole easily lives up to the hype but thats not to say it is without fault.
There are 3 distinct games with MW2 , Single Player Campaign, Multi player and Special Ops so I will tackle these separately.

Single Player

This is a direct follow on from Modern Warfare 2. The storyline is good with the war coming to American soil, following a set up by an Russian Ultra-Nationalist. But fear not you are not only are you defending America you also jet off around the world tracking down those responsible. The gameplay is the same as the original Call of Duty a mixture of sneaky sniper levels and run and gun get the to the checkpoint levels. However as you play through you start to get a strange feeling of déjà-vu. Many levels feel like you have played them twice before and its all a bit old hat now. That’s not to say they aren’t well done, but you cant help feel Infinity Ward have done their own little bit to save the environment on this game. There are plenty of fresh levels in there as well though, enough to keep you entertained for days.

Don’t try and question why you’re doing what you’re doing as, although the storyline is good it doesn’t explain too much.

A nice touch in this though is the removal of constantly re-spawning enemies. Each stage seems to have its set number of enemies and once you have popped them all that’s it move on for more killing. This addition is welcomed as it suits both the run and gunners amongst us but also those that like to sit back and take the long shots.

The single player is good but on its own would struggle to live up to the hype it has received.

Multi player

This is the bread and butter of Modern Warfare 2. With a big act to follow (the original modern warfare stayed in the top 5 most played games on Xbox live for 2 years, even with release of another call of duty game last year).

Much has been said about the multi player and the additions made to it. At its core it is the same game as the previous 2 call of duty games. You can create you own classes to suit your game style. But IW have taken it further, you can now customise your kill streaks and death streaks. There are more attachments and new weapons. the perks system has changed and now there are pro perks as well. All of this change could sound worrying, have they changed too much and made a very good online experience terrible or have they actually improved on it. I can confirm its the latter. Everything works well once you are used to it, however the menus do look cluttered and messy.

Again though this isn’t perfect. There is a lack of Hardcore game modes again (only team death match and Search and Destroy are available) which is disappointing as in my opinion hardcore is the best way to play. Also the Tactical Nuke kill streak rewards seems a bit off balance. By achieving 25 kills you can call in a nuclear bomb instantly ending and winning the game, it sounds lot but can easily be reached by setting up the kill streak rewards correctly.

Some maps feel a little cluttered and its noticeable on some that there is very little movement. Wasteland is a flattish version of creek with the same volume of snipers. You will also notice a lot of environmentally friendly actions by IW here as well. I have lost count of the number of building parts, cars, tractors and buses that have been lifted from the COD4 multiplayer.

All in all though this is a positive step for the multi player experience but Battlefield 2 fans will be thinking they have seen a lot if this before.

Special Ops

Almost an evolution of the Mile High Club from the end of the original Modern Warfare, special ops sees you either go it alone or with a friend on small missions. Some of these are lifted from the single player others and new but based on some familiar maps.

This is a nice little addition and hopefully we will see new missions coming with future DLC releases.

All round Modern Warfare 2 is a neat evolution of the original Modern Warfare and this makes it a great game. Its not though a game changer for the First Person Shooter genre, like the original was, but that’s hard to do twice in a row.

No mention yet on DLC but hopefully we will see more than the single map pack released by Infinity Ward last time.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is available now and you can compare prices here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & PC
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: 10/11/2009

Review Overview: “An excellent evolution in the Modern Warfare franchise but just cant help feel there should have been more”

Overall Score: 8/10

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One Response to "Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2"

  1. Paul says:

    Good review…im loving mw2 but it really should have been better – especially the relatively poor single player mode.

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