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Review: Disney Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey - The Hut

Winning IGN’s award for Best Wii Game at E3 2010 puts a weight of expectation on a game, but can Disney’s flagship character live up to it?

The first thing you notice when starting up Epic Mickey is the glorious gothic setting for this game.

Screenshot 1Based in a Wasteland for forgotten characters which is plagued by a Shadow Blot, created by Mickey. In the Wasteland, Mickey encounters Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the first character created by Disney but forgotten and eventually superseded by Mickey Mouse, creating a lot of resentment in Oswald, towards Mickey.

However as Mickey works to restore the Wasteland and eradicate the blot, Oswald warms to Mickey and they become friends.

As a Wii only game there’s no high definition graphics here but the game still looks amazing and you can’t help but want to stand in one spot and look around. An action in itself that the clunky controls, make very difficult. The game is primarily played in third person, over the the shoulder but you can move to first person to look around the game area.

Screenshot 2The third person camera is not always well placed but can easily be reset giving a good view of the action. The game mechanics are well done, with spin attack allowing you to interact with objects and being able to shoot paint or thinner to change the landscape of the level. One thing I did find annoying were the cut scenes which seemed to cut in every 2 minutes slowing the game play down and frustrating me no end.

This game is very pleasing and makes a refreshing difference to play. As with most Wii games its not going to satisfy the hardcore Call of Duty fans but those looking for some light relief until the next Uncharted comes out, will enjoy this.

Platforms: Wii
Version Reviewed: Wii
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “A fantastic new Mickey game taking me back to my youth play Mickey and Donald!”

Overall Score: 8/10

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