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Review: Edna and Harvey The Breakout

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The adventure game genre has generally been in decline, what with the popularity of FPS and role playing. Edna and Harvey shows this genre isn’t dead yet!

So, is this a true testament to the greats which defined gaming in the 90s? Or has this title missed it’s chance?

In recent years there have been signs of a resurgence of these classic games. the remake of Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and the new back to the future game and a handful of Nintendo DS titles as prime examples. The casual gaming revolution fits well with these games, no dying to worry about, or character statistics to obsess over, and a consistent story to follow.

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout features the rebellious Edna, who finds herself locked in a padded cell without any memories, her talking stuffed rabbit and sidekick Harvey as well as numerous bizarre, sane and insane fellow inmates, which more or less will help Edna to escape from her prison.

You need to help Edna to recover her memories and to defeat evil Dr Marcel, the director of the asylum, gaining information when exploring the 120+ locations in the game, talking to the other inmates, picking up and using objects and doing all the things you usually expect from an old-school adventure game.

In terms of graphics this game is a little basic, I have seen this drawing style used before as it allows a high frame rate for animations however this is noticeably lacking in Edna and Harvey, so the game looks quite simple.

The audio is top notch, the characters are well voiced and convincing, the effects used are decent the game itself is well translated from the original German version.

The gameplay is what makes this game outstanding, they introduce a brilliant concept of delving into Edna’s memories in order to solve puzzles, there are also a fantastically high number of considered item combinations so it’s quite fun to randomly use items on anything nearby for comedy value.

All in all this is a solid title, especially considering the rest of the field has a large number of remakes and spin offs with very little original content. The story is compelling and does a brilliant job of pulling you into the game.

Platforms: PC
Version Reviewed: PC
Release Date: 21/1/2011

Review Overview: “A great story, the graphics could have been a little crisper but still a brilliant way to spend a few days”

Overall Score: 7/10

Pricewatch: £14

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