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Review: Killzone 3

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Sony’s flagship shooter finally explodes back onto PS3, this time with with added Move and 3D compatibility…but can it hold it’s own against the likes of Gears and Halo?

Killzone has always been a solid franchise for PlayStation, but inevitably overshadowed by the likes of Halo and Gears of War on Xbox.

However, hopes have been high for this third entry into the franchise following a strong beta test of the multiplayer, which showcased some impressive graphics and full-on action.

Set immediately after the climax of Killzone 2, Sev, Rico and the rest of the ISA crew take on the Nazi-like Helghast in a post-nuclear Pyrrus. After a basic training level, there’s a largely predictable, short, intense (but nonetheless fun) campaign mode across some harsh locations (such as alien jungles, arctic oil rigs and more).

Weapons feel solid with some blistering sound effects and epic music. There are some very brutal melee kills, fun at first but actually rather frustrating as they load up an animation sequence that can leave you vulnerable once complete, especially online. Worth a mention is the high-quality storyline, voice acting and movies (featuring the likes of Ray Winstone) which certainly adds to the sense of spectacle.

The Move functionality works surprisingly well, overall – especially if you have the additional gun attachment – and it’s a real laugh in co-op too. We reviewed the game in 2D but if you are luck enough to have a 3D telly this is an additional reason to buy.

Multiplayer is where this game is at though – frantic, fast-paced and LOUD! The usual modes are here to jump straight into – Deathmatch renamed amusingly as Guerilla Warfare (after the developer Guerilla Games). Killzone 3 has some nice innovations, such as the ability to see your ‘rank’ without having to press select, a ‘camoflauge’ perk (a frustratingly-effective ‘spy’ mode where you think an enemy is on your team…until too late) and upgradeable classes/roles (effective when in a clan). I enjoyed playing as a Technician, as it suited my style of play – sitting back and helping the rest of the team by capturing spawns with a silenced gun/stronger armour. There’s something for everyone.

Maps are varied and graphically far superior to most other games around – take note, Activision for the next instalment of Call of Duty please! From the maze-like Kaznan Jungle to the rubble of Bilgarsk Boulevard, this feels fresh and very solid to play. A mosh-pit style mode where the game changes whilst still underway is also different – keeping you focussed and making a suite of customised classes essential.

Killzone 3 is largely a very good game and feels like a hybrid of Halo, Gears and CoD/Battlefield. No bad thing, but perhaps not giving the game the stand-out it deserves – for this is certainly one of 2011’s better releases.

Overall, if you have a PS3 then you need this game – it’s that simple. Killzone 3 is Sony at it’s best and for now (until Gear of War 3 chainsaws it’s way into the stores in September) this is the shooter to be playing.

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Platforms: PlayStation 3
Version Reviewed: PlayStation3 (Move)
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “Throws down the gauntlet for Gears of War 3. Solid singleplayer campaign fused with a strong, varied and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Explosive stuff.”

Overall Score: 8/10

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