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Review: Michael Jackson – The Experience

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Michael Jackson the Experience

Let me first say I’m not a Michael Jackson fan, but don’t let that put you off an honest review.

Whilst reading other reviews, you may see many idolising Jacko to then miss the points of what makes Ubisoft’s latest dance release an interesting title and one that many non-fans will enjoy too

This Nintendo Wii title is, as you would expect, packed with Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. The on screen graphics are fun and sharp, whilst dance moves are hallmark Jacko and even following the backing dancers are a work out in themselves.

Screenshot 1Is it any good? As an easy to get into 1 to 4 player Wii dance title, it will suit many age ranges, although the game is surprisingly a 12. The controllers sync well with the onscreen dance moves that the faux Jackson representation nails each time.

The Michael Jackson game character looks like Michael, but you sort of know it’s not; that hat or hair always seems to mask the face just when you think it’s him and the title was finished after his untimely death. For fans, that won’t matter, for many games players that wont matter either, but just something that irked me a little.

This is not the Kinect dance experience, so only the hand and arm waving bits matter here. I guess Ubisoft’s January Kinect release will see the famous moonwalk wearing out lounge carpets across the UK, but that aside there is plenty of funky and slick dance moves you can pull off, even if you don’t need to move your whole body.

Screenshot 2What makes this game is the music! You know the hits, your body takes over as soon as it starts and you find you’re a zombie in Thriller, or tiptoeing over an imaginary lit up pavement on the Billy Jean track. This is where the dance game beats other Wii titles of the same ilk. Everyone, even those younger than 12 will know the tunes and older players who grew up with Jacko will be singing all the words without looking at the Karaoke style text that appears during each song. While some pop songs blaze and fade away, Michael’s are timeless and that’s why the game has a longevity other dance titles just dream about.

Gameplay is based around copying either Michael’s, or his backing dancers, moves. Dancing is not ridiculously hard, but keeps you bouncing and boogeying along.

On the downside the game has little extra content in it. No career progression. Some random choreographer videos teaching you some of Michael’s moves which you ask yourself – why? Would of been great to see some extra Michael Jackson content included in the game.

The upside is that it’s a perfectly good party title when when played with friends. Everyone will have a go as they know Jacko and his moves, something which can’t be said against other dance titles available on the Wii.

So, while my daughters love this game to bits, I can’t help feel that the real potential lies in the upcoming Kinect version of the game which I’m very eager to see!

Platforms: Wii & DS
Version Reviewed: Wii
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “Not Bad, more Black or White, but could have been such a Thriller if given more content.”

Overall Score: 7/10

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