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Review: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC

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Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC

The Modern Warfare 2 DLC has finally arrived, exclusive to the Xbox 360 for now, in the form of five extra multiplayer maps.

So we’re keen to know, what are the maps, are they any good and what’s the price?

Starting with the price, the Stimulus Package is available for 1200 Microsoft Points, which is about £10 depending on where you purchase your Microsoft Points. To pay £10 for five new maps, of which two are from the original Modern Warfare, seems a little steep. Modern Warfare 2 may of been bought new for £30-40 (or purchased now via Game Crawler as low as £26-27) making £10 seem a bit steep for three newly crafted maps.

The Stimulus package wasn’t without its issues on launch. Xbox Live’s capacity seemed stretched to cater for the mass of gamers downloading the DLC package, then wanting to be on Xbox Live to play the updated maps.

If you got over the purchase price and initial technical issues, you were then able to initiate the two special playlists added to the game, allowing you to play Normal and Hardcore game modes (at random) cycling through only the new Stimulus Package maps.

The new maps are Storm, Bailout & Salvage then popular maps from the original Modern Warfare, Overgrown and Crash make an appearance.

Stimulus Storm MapMost will be very familiar with Overgrown and Crash. Very little has changed. Throw in mounted mini-guns, more detailed side objects, improved textures and there’s little difference to show. The main difference comes from the additions that Modern Warfare 2 introduced. At first it felt very weird to be bringing in a care package… finding an area of the map (both which I know like the back of my hand) to lay low while the goods arrive. Further, bringing in killstreak rewards added a different dimension to the maps. Most noticeable was the sentry gun, allowing for a tactical defence in these maps that previously played within Modern Warfare, didn’t allow for.

While great maps, there’s little else that wouldn’t of been played to death in their previous outing, so there’s less challenges to be had.

Now onto the new maps.

Stimulus Salvage MapBailout – This map so far seems the most popular of the new additions. Set within a multi-level apartment block, this has great close quarter combat areas across multiple apartments. Snipers need not feel neglected as the map has some great long range shoot out spots, often between first floor apartments, balcony to balcony.

Those with a mild allergy to sniper scopes will be happy to know that most of the map can be navigated carefully via the apartments so only brief moments outside are needed to get round the map if need be.

Salvage – Salvage is set, obvious by the name, in a frozen salvage yard. In recent play this map seems best setup for the run and gun gameplay style. Though I’m personally not known for playing the sniper class (and thus may not be the best to comment), it seems there are very few useful long sight spots. The map generally seems quite compact so you won’t have to travel far to get deep into the action. Game modes with location based objectives, namely Headquarters, are likely to get very frantic on this small scale map.

Storm – Storm takes place within an empty warehouse complex and provides a good mix of short and long range combat. The map centres around one big warehouse, then surrounded by a few smaller buildings on each corner. Initially the map may seem confusing with many bland buildings and rooms, but after a few games you will see it’s relatively simple with the big warehouse at its core. Games played so far have been positive on this map in a mixture of game modes.


If we can recall the map pack DLC for the original Modern Warfare, there was a bit of upset over China Town and Creek. Initially people seemed to hate China Town, but with time people then started turning against Creek. In all it seemed the map pack was flawed with a mixed response to the quality of the levels included within the DLC.

So far, I’ve not seen the same feelings toward the new maps and if anything people seem to have negative comments towards the old maps that have been re-introduced. It’s fair to say the new maps have gone down well with no obvious negative points (though with time, maybe Salvage will become the new Creek?).

If you’re a fan of Modern Warfare 2 then the new maps are a welcome addition, though maybe slightly overpriced.

Modern Warfare 2
Platforms: Xbox 360 (Playstation 3 & PC coming soon)
Version Reviewed: Xbox 360
Release Date: 30/04/2010

Review Overview: “Not the greatest value for money but a great purchase to those fans still playing Modern Warfare 2”

Overall Score: 8/10

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