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Review: PlayStation Move

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Playstation Move

I like to move it move it! Will Sony’s flagship motion device have enough va-va-voom to take on Kinect and the mighty Wii this Christmas?

Nintendo’s Wii changed everything. Opening video gaming up to a wider market and changing the way people played games (informally, in groups or the whole family) it’s success has led to Sony, Xbox and the rest playing catchup. With Microsoft investing in Minority Report-style controller-less technology, Sony has decided instead to play it safe – producing a pimped-up version of the Wii control system and injecting some next-gen graphics to counter Nintendo’s simpler, kiddy-focussed visuals. You don’t need another console, just an initial Playstation Move starter pack (giving you a camera, controller and a demo disc) so it’s a fair bit cheaper than Kinect’s starting price.

Sports Champions Screenshot 1It all works simply enough, with the wireless controllers looking cool and colourful with a golf-ball sized light at the top. They’re kind of like a magic wand or a lightsabre. A main controller is used for motion, another optional one is used for more traditional character movement (although you can use an existing PS3 control pad for this instead).

Our main comment has to be the accuracy of the controllers, far superior to the Wii and therefore immediately more rewarding in gameplay – whether you’re shooting aliens, busting a move, drawing a picture or swinging a golf club. There’s a lot to be said for something tangible being held in your hand (!) and this may be where Move wins out over Kinect.

Launch games are traditionally never that strong but Move seems to have something for everyone at this early stage.

Sports Champions Screen 2Sports Champions arguably gives you the most bang for your buck, with several popular sports to try out (we loved frisbee golf – sheer genius after a beer or two with the lads!). With Eye Pet Move Edition providing the kids interest, The Shoot offers up a solid Virtua-cop style shoot-em up and Start the Party is perfect for family and friend-based frivolity . TV Superstars and Kung Fu Rider work less well with the new technology. Expect other games such as Tiger Woods, Killzone and Fifa to get in on the Move action soon too.

It’s not truly game changing then but it is alot of fun, very slick and good value for money. If you have your PS3 primarily for entertainment – bluray, music & video, Singstar, iPlayer & web browsing and the occasional game, then you also need to move with the times and get Playstation Move too. We can’t wait for a Star Wars ‘Lightsabre Duels’ game….go on Mr Lucas, you know you want too!

Platforms: Playstation 3
Version Reviewed: Playstation 3
Release Date: Out Now

Review Overview: “A fun and enjoyable addition to Playstation 3 making it arguably the best all-round multimedia machine out there (at the right price). Mixed games released so far, with Eye Pet and Sports Champions the pick of the bunch, catering for all ages.”

Overall Score: 7/10

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