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Slimline PS3 and a price drop?

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There have been rumours circulating for a while now that a drop in price on the PS3 is coming. Could this be the reason?

Engadget have managed to get hold of some fuzzy shots of what could be Sony’s big secret, a slimline PS3.

A while ago the above picture was leaked and I was a little sceptical, it doesn’t take a Photoshop genius to flatten a PS3. But since then Engadget have got hold of some shots of an actual casing.

Much in the vein of the slimline PS2 they really have lost a lot of depth on this and is looking a lot sleeker than the current 80gb PS3.

In the picture above you can clearly see a 120Gb sign showing that this really is going to be well equipped, and what better time to announce a price drop then when you launch a new model!

Update: You can now pre order the PS3 Slim.

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2 Responses to "Slimline PS3 and a price drop?"

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  2. Kelly Brown says:

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