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Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta impresses

Bad company 2

With Modern Warfare 2 only having just been released you might have thought this would be a bad time to try and showcase your new shooter. But its not and EA knew that when releasing the beta for Bad Company 2 on the PS3.

I got my hands on the beta and have been playing it since release. Modern Warfare 2 has had a look in but Bad Company 2 really has kept me hooked, even though there is only one map available at the moment. (more…)

Review: Battlefield 1943


Coral Sea has finally been unlocked on Xbox 360 and now we deliver our full review of Battlefield 1943.

The first thing that hits you when you get in to the game is how graphically rich the game is. For download only you would have forgiven them for reigning it in a bit but the visuals are truly stunning. (more…)

Battlefield 1943 crashes on launch


As quick as the game was available the servers fell apart.

As many people may be realising the EA servers for Battlefield 1943 just can’t handle the load being placed on them by the eager users on Xbox 360 wanting to get in to this game.

Me and Niall have been starring at the ‘Searching for Games, Please Stand by.’ screen for far too long already¬† and it looks like its not getting any better. Reports are that some users are managing to get a game evey 5 hours or so.

We are not aware as to how localised this issues is but EA have stated more servers are coming online. At my guess they have added 1.

Let us know how you are getting on and if you can get in what the game is like. If its great please don’t rub it in too much we will fight on a get in.

We will let you know how we find the game as soon as we can.

Battlefield 1943 launches today


The long awaited Battlefield 1943 is released today on Xbox Live Arcade, followed on the Playstation Network tomorrow (9th July)

The game, part of the successful Battlefield series has been playable on beta for some months and has had rave reviews. (more…)

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