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Review: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC

The Modern Warfare 2 DLC has finally arrived, exclusive to the Xbox 360 for now, in the form of five extra multiplayer maps.

So we’re keen to know, what are the maps, are they any good and what’s the price? (more…)

Modern Warfare 2 DLC explodes onto Xbox next week!


If you haven’t yet traded up to Modern Warfare 2 now is the time, with the much anticipated downloadable content preparing to kick all kinds of butt next Tuesday 30th March.

Initially available only on Xbox 360, the 5 new maps (called the ‘Stimulus’ package) will also roll-out to PS3 and PC shortly after.

No more DLC for Burnout Paradise!

Burnout Paradise No More DLC

Burnout Paradise was a great example of a game that had superb DLC support.

DLC releases for Burnout Paradise were still strong a long time after the game originally came out (January 2008) but it’s just been announced that DLC releases for this 2 year old game are at an end. (more…)

New GTA IV episode to be announced


Rockstar has hinted that there will soon be news of a new Xbox 360 exclusive GTA IV episode following on from their excellent work on “The Lost and the Damned”.

This is great news for GTA IV fans, least those that own an Xbox 360 as this is an exclusive release. Its expected release date is in the build up to the busy Christmas period. (more…)

Cops and Robbers Burnout style


Criterion are continuing their support for the excellent Burnout Paradise with the release of a new DLC, which will offer a new Cops and Robbers mode.

Criterion have already offered one DLC for free since the game launched in January 2008, which added further challenges and also introduced motorcycles. This is the first “paid for” DLC but pricing has not been confirmed. (more…)

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