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Review: Starcraft II Wings of Liberty


Few games have defined a genre, even fewer have lasted over a decade, and it’s rare for one to dominate a nation.

So Blizzard think they have what it takes to make Starcraft 2, have they crafted the next RTS master? or is it just another sequel? (more…)

Are we ready for Digital Downloads?


Books, Movies, Music, and Games are a huge part of any modern persons entertainment. All of them are now available in purely digital forms.

Given over half of them are created by computers you can see why digital distribution is the next step. But are there reasons to go download and can we afford them yet? (more…)

Has Activision taken marketing too far?


As you well know here at we are wetting ourselves daily in anticipation of Modern Warfare 2 being released, however, with each pee stain there also appears to be another announcement from Activision about how they can get that extra pound out of your pocket. (more…)

Left 4 Dead Survival DLC

left-4-deadGood news for those of you who enjoyed the zombified, team-flavoured goodness of Left4Dead – fresh DLC has just been released for the frantic online hit of 2008, and best of all, it’s free!

The Survival Pack introduces a brand new game mode – Survival (more…)

Niall’s Bargain Bucket Buys April 2009


Once a game has had its launch it is often forgotten too soon after as we look forward to the next new sensation. There are some absolute treasures to be found at greatly reduced prices! (more…)

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