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Pre Order: Mindjack

If you thought that all new games were just sequels, you were wrong. Mindjack is coming soon and with a few tricks up its sleeve

A world in decline, governments toppling and crime running wild, it’s up to you to save society from the corporate conspiracies, with all the action and carnage that entails. (more…)

Pre Order: Call of Duty Black Ops

Pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops

It’s that time again, when we await the release of potentially the biggest game of the year… Call of Duty: Black Ops

Pre order sales charts have been riding high with pre orders of Call of Duty Black Ops for a few months now and the wait is nearly over with the game release 3 weeks away. (more…)

Pre Order Civilization 5

civilization-vStrategy games are often overlooked as they fail to provide an adrenaline kick like a good FPS session, but walking away from an x-hour battle victoriously is a glorious feeling.

Civilization has held the crown for turn based strategy for many years (not counting Chess), have they come back with a suitable 5th advance? (more…)

Pre Order Halo Reach

It seems these days if you’re not a battling Russians in Modern Warfare, then you’re cutting down aliens in Halo with plasma grenades and rocket launchers!

Will this prequel deliver the ultimate backdrop for chaos? (more…)

Most Popular Gaming Pre Orders (August 2010)

Halo Reach

Are you curious which games are most popular for pre-orders?

We list the top 10 gaming pre-orders for August 2010 as we prepare for the busiest few months of the year. (more…)

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